Non-destructive inspections

BE-tag has been designed to meet your specific business need

Guaranteed inspection integrity for your customer

  • Thanks to the RFID seal attached next to the weld to be inspected, eliminating all risk of identification error
  • Full process traceability for the project owner

Inspection productivity improved by up to 20% depending of the type of inspection thanks to:

  • Secure weld identification
  • Elimination of lead markings and manual inputs
  • Automated test report pre-filled with weld related information

Optimized costs and project deadlines

  • Real-time work and defect follow-up thanks to the dedicated BE-tag software
  • Better planning and deadlines monitoring

Easier project coordination

  • A shared access to the database for better coordination among stakeholders
  • Improved co-activity management

Improved document quality

  • Real-time inventory of all documents received
  • Access to homogenous document templates
  • Automated test reports pre-filled with weld information